Flood Alert!   Flood Alert!  Flood Alert!
Friday 17th May 7pm at Mudford Village Hall  

Flooding in Mudford Parish – appeal for action and volunteers:

2023/24 has seen increased flooding throughout the Parish of Mudford-Main St has been flooded and West Mudford Rd impassable at times.

West Mudford has been particularly affected with residents “cut off” on several occasions. West Mudford Rd has seen cars stuck in the flood waters in potentially life threatening situations. Emergency services have been called out to rescue people.. On the Thursday before the Easter weekend five fire engines were involved in an incident and with great effort and skill rescued  people stuck in vehicles.

Given Climate Change and the fact that Somerset County Council is facing a major budget deficit it seems that more and more communities are seeking local solutions via their Parish Councils.

At a recent Parish Council meeting flooding was discussed at length and a suggestion made that a joint action group was formed between the PC and local residents. Two Councillors were given this responsibility.

The overall aim of the group is to raise awareness of risk and where possible undertake various actions to lessen flooding threat to individuals, homes, properties and businesses.

Led by the two Parish Councillors and starting this May the plan is to do the following

• Map the drainage systems in the Parish with particular emphasis on gullies, drains and ditches.

• Seek hydrographical expertise and advice where appropriate.

• Feedback and consult with Highways and Environment Agency

• Develop a local flooding strategy

• Access funding locally to ensure this happens

• Purchase appropriate equipment to support the strategy

• Recruit a group of volunteers to support this strategy

• Train all volunteers

• Develop an active proactive volunteer base headed up by the Flood Warden

If you are interested and feel that you are able to give up some time to support this initiative you are cordially invited to an inaugural  meeting on 
Friday 17th May 7pm at Mudford Village Hall

Please let us know if you intend to come the Flood Action Group meeting, Just so we know what numbers to expect.

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