The Parish Cemetery Chapel roof received some much needed TLC in this month of July 2024.

All tiles removed.
New modern roof felt instead of the horse hair type felt that was originally installed.
This old product has been an amazing product and kept the underlying ceiling in good order.

I believe Bill Brake, the village carpenter made the Chapel wooden ceiling as we see it today.
Rachael Flagg and Sybyl Brake advised me, it used to have a glass  roof many years ago. I assume this was of the lantern type.
It was replaced with the tiled pitch roof as we have today, I believe by by Bill Brake.

Rachael also said, the Chapel was built in celebration of Queen Victoria.

The 2 trees behind the Chapel were apparently planted at the same period.
Perhaps the two Beautiful Beech trees adjacent to the Chapel were also planted then.

The Chapel is very symmetrical to the trees when viewed from Martin and Clive Snells field.

New double battens installed, to give the roof air space. Something we all need.
This brings the roof up to modern spec of ventilation.

A lot of the ridge tiles, roof tiles etc were re-used.
Replacement tiles can be seen on the roof. These will blend in over time.

New facias and gutters.
The original cast iron down pipes reused.
The soffits given a good rub down and repainted.

Many thanks to Simon Hodder of Hodder roofing for organising the required repairs to the Chapel.

Also to his staff who carried out the work, Sam and his colleague.

Many thanks to Sam for his diligent work.
He personally wanted to carry out the work, which shows there are local skilled people,
who still really care about our historical buildings.